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The Ruff Report: Favorite dog pastime a leading cause of illness

Millions of dogs regularly play this seeming innocent and harmless game with their pet parents, but this favorite pastime is actually a leading cause of serious illness and injury, two leading veterinarians warn.

This time-honored tradition frequently results in dogs contracting serious infections, getting nasty puncture wounds and even becoming paralyzed or dying, they say in a report. This favorite pastime that puts your dog in harm's way is playing fetch with a stick.

The Ruff Report: A wonder drug guaranteed to help your pet

A prescription is readily available that will absolutely improve your dog's quality of life, and all a pet parent needs to do is fill it and simply administer the medicine, a leading veterinarian says.

This mysterious wonder drug that will better your pet's health can be given every day in regular doses.

The Hunt of Her Life: A book about a rescue dog that will touch your heart
The Hunt of Her Life is a nonfiction book about Samantha, an unwanted rescue dog who the author adopts at age 2. This beautifully designed full-color deluxe book, by longtime newspaper journalist Joseph A. Reppucci, contains more than 60 vibrant color photos of dogs to help illustrate the compelling and uplifting of Samantha - a pretty tricolor bird dog who uses her warm personality to win people over and build a new family after being put up for adoption by a hunter because she is gun-shy and afraid to hunt. Learn how she uses her special bonding abilities with people to help her eventually make a difficult, but successful, transition to family life.

Living Well with Your Dog: A series of short stories

Want a better life with your dog?'s Living Well With Your Dog, a series of short stories for pet owners, is loaded with common-sense ideas to help make  life more fun, enjoyable and healthy for you and your dog. Find great tips about subjects such as: creating a comfortable lifestyle for you and your dog; making your home and environment safe; improving your pet's health and nutrition; choosing a pet sitter and veterinarian; and saving money on dog food, pet products, prescription drugs and pet insurance.

The Ruff Report: Is your dog's name on the most unusual list?

Can you ever imagine yourself at the park calling out: "Peanut Wigglebutt, come here." Or how about "Sir Hog Knucklehead, this way" or "Biggiepotamus, stay!"

Well, some pet parents do just that every day, because those are the top three most unusual names that people have given to their pets, according to a survey by Veterinary Pet Insurance.

To come up with those names, VPI had its employees select 50 unusual dog names from its 2014 database of more than 500,000 insured pets and then vote for the 10 most unusual names.