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The Ruff Report: The secret to your dog's amazing sense of smell

Your dog is really a nose above you - and all other living creatures for that matter – when it comes to sense of smell, and researchers have discovered the secret as to why.

A dog has many more nerve cells in its far superior nasal cavity, giving it a heightened sense of smell and an amazing ability to sniff out anything from drugs to cancer, New Scientist magazine reports.

Pennsylvania State University researchers found that a complex network of mucus-covered tubes in a dog's nose pre-sorts smells, making it easier for the brain to identify them. The researchers found that different smell molecules are first picked up by receptors at different locations in a dog's airway network. Until now, research has focused on how receptors pick up different chemicals.

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"We've shown that the sorting out of the different odorants before they even get to the receptors is also important," said Brent Craven, head of the research team.

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The researchers presented the results of their study at a recent meeting of the American Physical Society's division of fluid dynamics in San Antonio, Texas.


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