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The Ruff Report: Dogs and Research


You may be sleeping with thousands of fleas
Research shows that fleas flourish in comfy places, making your bed and the dog's sleeping area fertile breeding grounds. So if your pet likes to snuggle with you, that itch is likely to be more than just the dog's tail rubbing against you. More

Special nasal cells make dogs a nose above the rest
A dog has many more nerve cells in its nasal cavity which account for its heightened sense of smell and its amazing ability to sniff out just about anything. More

Hey dummy, your dog's smarter than you think
The average dog can count, understand 165 words, solve complex problems, and a dog's intelligence level is on par with a 2-year-old child, according to Stanley Coren, a psychologist and professor at the University of British Columbia. More

Dogs and cats can live happily ever after
A study has found that the way to get canines and felines to get along in the same household is all about timing and introducing them when they are young. More

Global warming ushers in lethal dog diseases
Climate change is causing the global spread of existing diseases as well as the appearance of new illnesses from blood-sucking parasites, such as ticks, scientists say, and pet parents must be more vigilant about protecting their dogs and themselves from these sometimes lethel diseases. More

Major breakthrough in canine cancer treatment
One in four dogs die of cancer, but researchers believe they may have developed the biological equivalent of a smart bomb that could extend or save the lives of millions of canines suffering from the disease. More

Purebred dogs needlessly suffering, report says
A research study done for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals concludes that stricter breeding rules are needed because pedigree dogs are suffering from high levels of disability, deformity and hereditary disease. More

Warning issued about alternative medicine
Alternative health care approaches - such as herbal medicine, acupunture and using a dog's tongue to help diagnose disease - can sometimes be helpful, but those who use them exclusively and disregard traditional medicine are putting their pets at risk, researchers say. More

Paralyzing diseases of dogs, people linked
Two incurable, paralyzing diseases - degenerative myelopathy in dogs and Lou Gehrig's disease in people - have been linked genetically, an important discovery that could lead to the avoidance of the crippling ailment in canines and better therapy for humans. More


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