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The Ruff Report: Dogs and Health


Favorite dog pastime a leading cause of injury
This favorite pastime that many have been duped into believing is safe has resulted in dogs contracting infections from swallowing dirt, getting puncture wounds in their mouths and becoming paralyzed or dying after ingesting sticks that get lodged in internal organs, two leading veterinarians say. More

Try this fountain of youth for your pet
Many pet owners use special diets, vitamins and supplements that promise to bring longevity, but your pet's chances of living a long, full life have a lot more to do with what you don't do than what you do, a leading veterinarian says. More

A wonder drug guaranteed to help your pet
A prescription is readily available that will absolutely improve your dog's quality of life, and all a pet parent needs to do is fill it and simply administer the medicine, a leading veterinarian says. More

This formula is certain to sicken your pet

A popular formula that more and more pet parents are using on their dogs and cats may appear to be good for you and your pet now, but it will assuredly ruin the health of your dog or cat later, animal welfare advocates warn. More

The flu bug can bite your dog, too

 Like people, dogs also can be stricken by influenza, and they even have their own highly contagious flu virus. About 80 percent of the dogs exposed to the virus become infected and develop coughing, sneezing and nasal congestion symptoms. More

For your pet, there's a rash of trouble in the air
Rather than sneezing like people, a dog's symptoms from seasonal allergies involve its skin. And some dogs get so itchy that they continually scratch and bite until they cause severe damage to their skin. More

Alarming rise in heartworm threatens 'beloved pets'
A survey of veterinary clinics conducted by the American Heartworm Society has found a steady, gradual increase in the number of heartworm incidents for nearly a decade, a trend that could affect the well being of many "beloved pets." More

Purebred dogs needlessly suffering, report says
A research study done for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals concludes that stricter breeding rules are needed because pedigree dogs are suffering from high levels of disability, deformity and hereditary disease. More

Recession is endangering your pet's health
Many pet parents are skipping routine veterinary visits and preventive care for their companions because of money problems, a trend that veterinarians say is dangerous for a pet's well being. More

Washing hands stops spread of germs to dogs Licks on the face or sleeping with the dog pose no health hazard, but failure to wash your hands can have health implications for your pet, a study has found. More

For dogs, heat stroke really is no sweat 
A leading animal welfare agency warns that dogs are especially susceptible to deadly heat stroke because they lack sweat glands and can only pant to cool down. Simply walking in the sun on a hot day can lead to trouble. More

Winter can make your pet a head case 
Pet can suffer from the winter blues, too, and they deal with it by sleeping too much, overeating and avoiding exercise, a routine that can lead to obesity and other illnesses, a leading veterinarian warns. More

Cancer and Health

Major breakthrough in canine cancer treatmentOne in four dogs die of cancer, but researchers believe they may have developed the biological equivalent of a smart bomb that could extend or save the lives of millions of canines suffering from the disease. More

First-ever canine cancer drug developed

 The FDA has approved the first drug developed specifically for cancer in dogs. Palladia treats mast cell tumors, a skin-based cancer that can be lethel if it penetrates below the skin and spreads to lymph nodes and other body parts. They are second most common tumor in dogs. More

Making strides in fight against canine cancer
A California woman who has lost three dogs to cancer is using cyberspace to expand her annual local fund-raising walk into a national event to help fund research aimed at finding a cure for the disease that afflicts one in two dogs. More

Worldwide effort to cure canine cancer
The Morris Foundation plans to raise $30 million to try to eradicate the disease in 10 to 20 years. The money is being used to pay for research at many of the world’s leading veterinary, academic and scientific institutions. More

Flea, Tick Control and Health

Flea, tick products scrutinized after pet deathsThe EPA says the majority of reports have involved spot-on treatments, but problems have also occurred involving sprays, collars and shampoos. Some pets have developed skin irritation, others seizures and some have died. More

Use of flea, tick products a must despite pet deathsThe America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the benefits of preventing deadly insect-borne diseases outweighs the risk of pets having an adverse reaction to the insecticides as has been reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More

Stop ticks from dogging - or killing - your petThe American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says tick control is the key to preventing Lyme disease, and it reminds pet parents to take the proper precautions to keep their dogs and cats safe from the potentially killer bacterial infection. More

You may be sleeping with thousands of fleasResearch shows that fleas flourish in comfy places, making your bed and the dog's sleeping area fertile breeding grounds. So if your pet likes to snuggle with you, that itch is likely to be more than just the dog's tail rubbing against you. More

Get pets ready for invasion of blood-sucking insects
Climate change is causing the global spread of existing diseases as well as the appearance of new illnesses from blood-sucking parasites, such as ticks, scientists say, and pet parents must be more vigilant about protecting their dogs and themselves from these sometimes lethal diseases. More

Medicine and Health

Dog heart medicine research results promising
A cardiac medication called Vetmedin, which is made specifically for dogs, is nearly doubling the survival time for pets suffering from congestive heart failure, according to a study. More

Cushing's drug receives FDA approvalA medication that contains the drug trilostane has been given FDA approval for treatment of Cushing's syndrome, a form of cancer in dogs. More
Oral Care and Health

The stinking truth behind smelly dog breath
The Veterinary Oral Health Council says preventive care is the best way to help pets from being afflicted with periodontal disease, and that starts with brushing of teeth. If the bacteria gets into the bloodstream, it can lead to damage of the heart, liver and kidney. More

Good oral care can be a lifesaver
Oral care - one of the most neglected areas in pet health - can lead to kidney, liver or heart problems. Dog parents are being urged to clean their companion's teeth. More

Research and Health

Paralyzing diseases of dogs, people linked
Two incurable, paralyzing diseases - degenerative myelopathy in dogs and Lou Gehrig's disease in people - have been linked genetically, an important discovery that could lead to the avoidance of the crippling ailment in canines and better therapy for humans. More

Warning issued about alternative medicine 
Alternative health care approaches - such as herbal medicine, acupunture and using a dog's tongue to help diagnose disease - can sometimes be helpful, but those who use them exclusively and disregard traditional medicine are putting their pets at risk, researchers say. More


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