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Doggy in the Window: Iggy White


My Owner's Name: Elaine White of Marshfield, Massachusetts.

My Breed: I am an Italian Greyhound boy.

My Age: I am 7 years old.

My Colors: I have handsome black hair with white on my stomach, chest and legs.

My Weight: I am a
sleek 14 pounds.

My Favorite Thing To Do: I love to ride around in the car. It's lots of fun!

My Pet Peeve: I hate it when someone eats and they refuse to share their food with me.

My Favorite Food: Pasta. Wow is it good! But what would you expect? After all, I am Italian.

My Funny Routine: I like to sleep entirely under a blanket. I have short hair, and I like to stay warm and comfy.

My Best Quality: I am cuddly and like being close to people. I absolutely love to snuggle.

What Makes Me So Special: I am lovable. It is my mission in life to snuggle with anyone sitting on a couch or chair in the house. If you sit down somewhere in my house, you can expect to soon have me cuddling up with you.


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