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The Ruff Report: Dogs and Health

Worldwide effort to cure canine cancer

An ambitious global campaign to raise $30 million money to find a cure for cancer in dogs in the next 10 to 20 years and to develop more effective treatments for canines suffering from the disease has been launched by the Morris Animal Foundation.
The Denver-based organization - which funds animal health research that protects, treats and cures companion animals and wildlife - has raised more than $3.5 million in donations and pledges so far, according to a media release. The money is being used to pay for research at many of the world’s leading veterinary, academic and scientific institutions.

The foundation also hopes that the canine cancer research will produce breakthroughs in the prevention, treatment and cure of human cancer, particularly in children.

One in four dogs die of cancer, and the disease is the number one cause of death in dogs over age 2, according to the foundation. Some of the most popular breeds are especially susceptible to cancer. Sixty percent of Golden Retrievers die of the disease.

Many people have made contributions in the names of their dogs who have died from the disease, according to the foundation. Frequently, donations come from children who have raised money in honor of their beloved, cancer-stricken dogs.

Some businesses and institutions have also helped. Pfizer's Animal Health has donated $1.1 million, Pets Best Insurance has pledged $1 million and Golden Retriever Foundation has pledged $500,000.

To help educate dog parents about cancer, the foundation has a special report about cancer on its web site. The report features information and insight from Colorado State University and Cornell University, two of the world's leading colleges of veterinary medicine and canine cancer research.

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Visit to see the cancer report and for more information about the fund-raising project.

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