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Canine Corner: The latest pet products


Pocket guide offers pet emergency tips

Pet parents who want to have a handy resource available for emergencies may want to consider purchasing a new information and emergency guide that fits into your pocket.

The 3- by 5-inch Pet Emergency Pocket Guide provides step-by-step guidelines for daily pet care and tells pet parents what to do before, during and after a pet injury, illness or emergency. It is offered by Informed Publishing, a publisher of resources for emergency preparedness.

"Pets are an important part of the family," Chris Barnes, chief executive office of Inform Publishing, states in a media release. "To be able to care for our pets in an emergency we need to prepare, just as we prepare our homes and families."

Some topics covered in the guide are:

  • "How-to" first aid, including CPR and Heimlich.
  • Contact information for important emergency references.
  • General care, including handling, grooming, muzzling, and transporting.
  • Glossary of signs and conditions in dogs and cats.- List of the most common poisonous and toxic foods.
  • Taking care of a sick dog or cat, and more serious conditions.
  • How to create pet emergency and shelter/evacuation kits.
  • Traveling with your pet, including preparing a travel kit.
  • Pet preparedness, including planning for natural disasters.
  • Current information on sheltering, since many shelters do not accept pets.
  • Pet record pages to help document information such as allergies, vaccinations, and surgeries.The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is sold at $16.95 retail and is available for $9.95 in downloadable PDF format.

Pet rescue system is similar to 911 for people

A Chicago company has launched a lost pet and tagging rescue system that it says is similar to 911 emergency services for people.

Pawtags, offered by Global Pet Search, provides daily, around-the-clock operator assistance to pet parents who have become separated from a companion, the company states in a media release.

A pet owner receives a Pawtag with an identification number when they sign up for the program. They register their pet's information - such as veterinarian's name, rabies tag number, city licensing information, and microchip data - into a profile that can include up to 10 emergency contact phone numbers.

If a pet becomes lost, Global Pet Search's call center staff will work their way through the listed contacts until a live person is reached. The staff has been trained to help return lost pets to their owners through a variety of methods, including Google mapping locations and three-way conferencing between the owner, pet-finder and call center.

"Our rescue assistance procedures for lost pets are close to 911 emergency assistance services for people," John Capriotti of Global Pet Search states in a media release. "Microchips are good for identification, but they are only useful after the pet has been rescued. They have to already be in a facility that can scan and find the chip, which isn't always the case."

The service's annual price is $9.99, which inlcudes the tag and live operator search and rescue services. Members can renew each year for the same price or upgrade to a lifetime membership for only $19.99.

Calming collar can help stressed dogs relax

A company has produced a lavender- and chamomile-scented collar that it says can help a nervous dog relax because it mimics the pheromone a mother dog naturally produces to calm and reassure puppies.

The Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Collar, made by Sergeant’s Pet Care Products of Omaha, Nebraska, can help modify behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive behavior and inappropriate marking for up to 30 days, the company states in a media release. Dogs with chronic behavioral issues caused by separation anxiety experience dramatic improvement in one to two days.

The company says the collar also helps with stress induced by thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, visits to the groomer, boarding and the arrival of a new baby.

"Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life, so no matter what the dog’s age, the collar is effective," Caryn Stichler of Sergeant’s Pet Care Products states. "This natural approach is a good alternative to the powerful prescription medicines typically used to control anxious behavior."

The collar lasts up to 30 days, but it can be worn longer without any side effects, the company says.


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