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The Ruff Report: Dog rescue news

Crackdown urged on Quebec puppy mills

An animal welfare agency is urging Canadian Premier Jean Charest and lawmakers to adopt measures to end the proliferation of puppy mills in Quebec, the only province in Canada that does not allow provincial SPCAs to enforce local animal welfare laws.

The calls by Humane Society International/Canada come on the heels of three major puppy mill busts in less than three months in Quebec.

"Premier Jean Charest has promised to introduce mandatory puppy mill registration and set up a task force to investigate the rampant proliferation of puppy mills in Quebec," Rebecca Aldworth, director of animal programs with HSI/Canada, states in a media release. "Now that voters have returned Mr. Charest to office, he must honor these promises and crack down on this inhumane industry."

Quebec's weak provincial animal welfare legislation combined with inadequate enforcement has allowed the province to become a puppy mill haven, according to HSI/Canada. HSI/Canada and the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently rescued approximately 100 Fox Terrier dogs from a puppy mill north of Montreal.

According to the CSPCA, the dogs were living in deplorable conditions. They were stacked atop each other in cramped cages, many were unable to lift their heads and some were covered in excrement.

"The horrific conditions we encountered ... are more proof that Quebec's puppy mills must be eradicated, Alanna Devine, acting executive director of the CSPCA, states in the media release. "...We are not going to permit animals to suffer needlessly in the name of profit, and we will continue to push for action."

HSI/Canada, CSPCA and the United Animal Nations moved many of the rescued dogs to an emergency shelter in Montreal, where they will receive the care and medical attention before being put up for adoption. Some had to be euthanized.

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