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Doggy in the Window - Tedy Boucher

Doggy in the Window
Love of Dogs introduces

My Owner's Name: Theresa Boucher of Quincy, Massachusetts.

My Breed: I am a Shepherd/Welsh Corgi/Border Collie mix boy.

My Age: I am 3 years old.

My Colors: I am mostly black on my upper body and tan on my neck, nose and legs. I have long, handsome feathers on my tail and behind my legs. All the girls in the neighborhood think I am cute.

My Weight: I am a sleek 45 pounds.

My Favorite Thing To Do: I like to chase tennis balls. I could play fetch all day with with my mom.

My Pet Peeve: I dislike squirrels and cats. I find them annoying, especially when they try to come near my house. It is my house, and they have no business coming anywhere near it.

My Favorite Foods: I will eat all the cheese I can get. Wow, that stuff tastes so good! I also like McDonald's french fries and ice cream.

My Funny or Unusual Habit: Where to begin. I am the canine version of Rain Man.
My Best Quality: I am very smart, but that sometimes brings out my mischievous streak that can get me into trouble, too.

What Makes Me So Special: My full name is actually "Tedy Bruschi Williams Walker Boucher." Yes, that is the football player Tedy Bruschi. My mom is a huge New England Patriots fan. I was born in a shelter and had a rough life for the first few months. Unfortunately, I developed serious neuroses and require constant training to combat fear aggression. My mom is so patient with me and works very hard to help me. I am lucky to have her. I hope to someday get over my fears so I can share my great personality, sense of humor and mischievous streak with everyone. I know it will take a lot of work. But my mom is there is for me, and she is helping me gain the confidence I need to succeed.


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