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Doggy in the Window - Sophie Belyea

Doggy In the Window
Love of Dogs introduces

My Owner's Name: Marilynn Belyea of Weymouth, Massachusetts.

My Breed: I am a Coton de Tulear girl.

My Age: I am 1 year old.

My Color: My fur is a curly, snow white.

My Weight: I am a tender 10 pounds.

My Favorite Thing To Do: I like to rip paper, because it is lots of fun and makes a mess.

My Pet Peeve: I hate it when my mom leaves, because I like to be near her. I do not like to be left alone.

My Favorite Food: I crave any type of rawhide dog bone.

My Funny or Unusual Habit: I save my raw hide bones until my mom comes home. I show off by running around in circles with my newest treat. I wait until she sits down and then I park myself at her feet and eat the raw hide bone. I also like to chase squeaky toys.

My Best Quality: I am very loving.

What Makes Me So Special: I have a loving personality, and I like to display it - even with my toys. I like to get them from the toy basket in the kitchen, take them out one by one and bring them into the living room until the floor is covered with them! I am always there to greet my mom when she comes home, and I follow her all over the house because I love being with her. My mom is my favorite person. I also love to visit my mom's sister, Aimee Belyea of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and her two dogs, Chloe and Jax. They are my pals, and I have so much fun playing with them.

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