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Doggy in the Window - Baby Jax and Chloe Belyea

Doggy in the Window
Love of Dogs introduces

Our Owner's Name: Aimee Belyea of Weymouth, Massachusetts

Our Breeds: I, Baby Jax, (on the left) am a Pomeranian boy, and my best pal, Chloe, is an Australian Shepherd/Collie mix girl.

Our Ages: I am 5 years old and my pal, Chloe, is 4 years old.

Our Colors: I am tan and have a bright white chest that makes me stand out. My pal, Chloe, is tan and black. Chloe has dark, floppy ears that give her a distinguished look.

Our Weights: I am 20 pounds, and my pal, Chloe, is 23 pounds.

Our Favorite Thing To Do: We love to run and play in the snow. The winters in New England are perfect for us, because we get lots of snow! We also like to eat bones and cuddle with our mom.

Our Pet Peeve: We absolutely hate it when our mom leaves. We want to be near her all the time.

Our Favorite Food: We like to eat Beneful.

Our Funny or Unusual Habits: I show off by standing on my hind legs and begging. I can also make snow angels. My pal, Chloe, loves to hide and play coy before she chases squirrels.

Our Best Qualities: We are loyal and great companions for each other and our mom.

What Makes Us So Special: We are both rescue dogs, which make us appreciate being part of a family even more. We show this by being cuddly, little love bugs. We always want to be near our mom and each other. We chase each other around the backyard and truly are best friends. Our mom says we are all so fortunate to have each other. She says she cannot imagine life without us, and we cannot imagine life without her, too. She adores us, and we are so happy to be with her! We also enjoy having our mom's sister, Marilynn Belyea of Weymouth, Massachusetts, bring her dog, Sophie, to our house to play.

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