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Canine Corner: The latest pet products


The latest scoop on pet poop

Disposing of dog droppings may have gotten a little easier thanks to a Florida company's creation of a new waste bag that can be flushed down a toilet.

Flush Puppies, invented by three University of Florida graduates, are water soluble, making them capable of flushing, according to a media release by the Tampa company. Pet parents will no longer have to hike to the nearest outdoor trash container or deal with a smelly indoor trash can.

"My trash receptacle wasn’t in reachable distance from my apartment, but my toilet was right there," said Chris Mercer, one of the product inventors.

Mercer said the idea came to him after dealing with the smell from tossing a waste-filled bag into the trash can in his apartment or having to leave his apartment to toss the waste into an outside receptacle.

"My trash receptacle wasn’t in reachable distance from my apartment, but my toilet was right there," Mercer said. "Flushing dog poop just makes sense. That’s where poop is meant to go."
Flush Puppies are also handy for accidents, Mercer said. "Cleanup is easy. You just scoop the accident away and take it to the bathroom."

Pets can drink away dental problems

A California company has created a drinkable dental solution for dogs and cats that helps clean teeth and keep gums healthy.

The solution, called Healthymouth, comes premixed in purified water that replaces a pets regular drinking water or in concentrate sachets that can be mixed with a pet's water.

The solution, which has received the Veterinarian Oral Health Council’s seal of acceptance, reduces plaque by 80 percent and fights bad breath, Karen Albert, the Malibu-based company's founder, states in a media release. It is all natural and contains no sugar or calories.

Albert created the product after her dog developed dental problems. "My dog, Pingpong, became gravely ill, and it turned out the cause of her illness was poor dental care," she states. "And had I been aware of it earlier, I could have prevented much of her pain and suffering. I was determined at that point not to see any pet owners go through the same pain and suffering my dog, Pingpong, had gone through and so I created Healthymouth Water."

Dog treat made from pumpkin, carrot

A Georgia company has created a dog treat made from pumpkin and carrot which it says helps promote hip health and bolsters the immune system.

Hip Health Pumpkin Spice, made by Thrive Foods of Roswell, Georgia, is antioxidant-rich and loaded with beta-carotenes from pumpkin and carrots as well as nutrients from turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, the company states in a media release.

"With better nutrition, hydration, more exercise, better sleep and wise living, we can impact our families' healthier longevity," Thrive Foods official Karen Brunner stated.

Other ingredients in Hip Health Pumpkin Spice treats include oat flour, pumpkin, ground flax seed, oat bran, oats, molasses, cranberries, olive oil and vitamin E as a natural preservative.

Easy way to add greens to dog's diet

A Nevada company is offering a product that it says provides dogs with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Dog-Wa, made by The Hitchin' Spot of Las Vegas, is a liquid concentrate of fresh peppermint and parsley that gives dogs the fresh greens that are an essential part of a well-balanced diet, the company states in a media release.

The herbs aid digestion, soothe the stomach, freshen breath and discourage gas. Nutrients in the herbs have been known to promote a shinier coat, stronger bones and teeth and healthier gums.

The liquid concentrate can be mixed with a dog's drinking water or food.

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