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Canine Corner: The latest pet products

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Collar tag lets dog parents sniff around

A high-tech tag that attaches to a collar allows dog parents to monitor their pets whereabouts and activities.

The SNIF Tag - which uses radio, software, Internet, and social networking technologies - records a dog's daily movements. Owners can view their pet's activity by uploading the information on the tag onto a web site. An owner can see if their dog has had a walk, view his play activities and see if he has eaten.

The tag also collects data of other dogs wearing SNIF tags, so dog owners can connect with each other on an accompanying online social networking platform.

"SNIF Tag not only gives dog owners peace of mind, it also offers a non-threatening way to meet new friends and companions via their dogs' encounters," Noah Paessel, CEO and co-founder of SNIF Labs in Boston, stated in a media release.

The SNIF Tag starter kit costs $299 and includes one year of subscription to the online pet activity monitoring service and social site.

Synthetic turf offers alternative to grass

A Neveda company is offering a synthetic turf which it says is suitable for dog kennels and rungs because it easily cleans with a hose and does not stain.

Ultrablade KennelTurf, made by The Turf Authority of Incline, Nevada, is non-toxic and contains no pesticides, the company states on its web site.

The polyethylene turf is not porous like sand, so it will not absorb and hold contaminants like bacteria, fungi or algae, the company states, and it will always be green because it is resistant to ultraviolet light. The turf can be used year-round.

"All of our products are non-toxic and contain no pesticides, making them safe for the environment and our beloved pets," the company states.

Bootie is a remedy for those muddy feet

An easy-on, easy-off disposable dog bootie that protects paws from outdoor elements is being offered by a California company.

Nooby's Disposable Dog Booties are made from durable, water-resistant, non-skid materials that protect against dirt, oil residue, salt and other chemicals found outdoors, Rotano International of Chula Vista, California, states on its web site.

The booties, which have non-skid paw print on the bottom, will also keep a dog's paws dry in wet and muddy conditions. The bootie has an elastic that secures to a dog's leg, just above the paw, to protect from dirt spilling into it and is extra wide to make it easy to slip on, the company states. They are best for 15 to 45 minutes walks and simply pull off at the end of your trek.

Green products clean, eliminate odors

An Idaho company has created two green cleaning products which it says can eliminate pet odors and stains.

The Simply Wow kit, which contains a cleaner/spot remover and an odor eliminator, are made by Source Direct of Idaho Falls.

The cleaner/spot remover cleans stubborn stains from pet accidents, the company states in a media release, and the odor product is safe for use around pets and children. The odor product can be applied to a pet's skin, cages, carpets, upholstery, and any washable surface.

The odor product works by eliminating the source of the odor rather than masking it like air fresheners and fabric refreshers, the company states. It is biodegradable and the ingredients are non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

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