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Canine Corner: The latest pet products


This travel tote has everything

A North Carolina native has designed a new tote to make traveling with your dog easier.

Jamye Hickman got the idea when traveling with her Shi-Tzu, Zoe-Joe, from her home in Georgia to visit her parents in Boliva, North Carolina, the Wilmington Star-News reports.

"Taking her from Atlanta to Bolivia was just cumbersome, Hickman told the newspaper. "First I'd forget her toys, then I'd forget her bowl."

So Hickman designed the "Everything But the Dog" carry-all tote. Each bag contains collapsible bowls for food and water, a freezable gel pack to chill doggie treats and an indoor/outdoor blanket. Exterior pockets can hold pens and cell phones; separate lined pockets can hold waste bags and sanitizers; eight inside pockets will hold anything else; and an attached zippered pouch is for veterinary records.

The carry-alls tote is priced at $49.95.

Arthritis supplement made especially for dogs

A California company has developed a natural supplement to help pets suffering from joint-damaging arthritis, hip dysplasia and other cartilage and connective tissue problems.

ArthroPet, made by NeoCell of Long Beach, California, comes in a chicken-flavored chewable wafer, the company states in a press release. Each wafer contains kolla2, NeoCell's patented active formulation of glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as cetylmyrolestate, a compound that serves as a joint lubricant. ArthroPet also contains organic sulfur, a key component in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones, joints and surrounding tissue.

The supplement was created by NeoCell founder Ahmad Alkayali, whose 9-month-old champion Airedale Terrier was suffering from painful bilateral hip dysplasia.

Dog bowl designed to make eating easier

A dog bowl with a design that keeps it steady and prevents toppling has won a top award.

The HugX bowl, which is nonslip and angled in a way that allows the food always to fall into its center, won the Lifestyle Innovation Award in the pet dinnerware category at the recent New York Pet Fashion Week, The Belfast Telegraph reports.

The bowl was designed by Justin Magee and Stephen McGilloway of the University of Ulster from an idea by Jane Grant, head of HugX, a Derry,
Northern Ireland, pet firm. It is stocked in exclusive pet boutiques and gift stores in west coast America and New York.

Grant approached the two product design specialists after watching her red setter repeatedly chase its bowl across the floor. "I had some ideas that I thought would work but needed help to make them a reality," she told the newspaper.

High-tech devices used to find dogs

Satellite-linked devices that locate dogs are now available.

The collar-attached devices - Petfinder and Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator - receive radio signals from the Global Positioning System to send a warning if a dog leaves its designated area and provide the animal's location.

Zoombak is priced at $199.99, plus a $15 monthly service fee. Petfinder, made by Location Based Technologies of Aneheim, Calif., the same company that makes Pocketfinder tracking systems, is $129.99, plus a $15 monthly service fee.

Doggie day care goes cageless

This boarding and day care center for dogs has no cages, cement floors or chain-link fences, but it does have a communal air-conditioned room with dog beds and cots.

Canine Pet Resort in Jackson, New Jersey, is the ideal pet hotel, according to owner Jacquelyn Flynn. "I wanted to make it communal," Flynn told Asbury Park Press. "I feel that cages and fences make dogs aggressive when they're side by side one another."

So Flynn created the ultimate resort, where through a plastic doggy door, dogs can run outside to a 4,000-square-foot enclosed lawn with pool. Play areas are enclosed with vinyl fencing to prevent dogs from climbing, something they can do with a chain-link fence, she said. Dogs play in the pool and yard. Inside, pooches lounge in the air conditioning and watch the Animal Planet channel, if they choose, she said.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, dog owners in the United States spent $3 billion on boarding and grooming. Dog owners spend about $225 per year boarding their dogs.

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