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Canine Corner: The latest pet products


The new face of Alpo dog food

Cans of Alpo dog food will soon have a new look - the mug of a Pug.

Ike, a 5-year-old Pug from Illinois has been named Alpo's "Ultimate Meat Maniac" and his picture will appear on 2 million cans of the dog food, the Chicago Daily Herald reports.

"He's definitely a meat maniac," the dog's owner, Mary Beth Holsteen of Barrington Hills, told the newspaper.

When meat is placed before Ike, he spins wildly before plunking his entire face into his meal. He leans so far forward into the bowl that his hind legs lift off the floor. His Alpo favorites are filet mignon and Angus beef.

To win the title, Ike had to beat dogs like Jordan, an 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier from Virginia, who does tricks to get her Alpo, and 4-year-old Charlie from Michigan, who yelps and jumps for his food.

Bring home a little bit of hotel luxury

The pet-pampering amenities that guests receive during their stays at Hilton Hotels & Resorts are now available online.

The Hilton Pet Friendly collection - which includes a pillow; food and water bowls with place mat, and a small tote stocked with travel essentials - are available for purchase. The large pet pillow is priced at $175, the stainless steel food and water bowl set at $7.99, the place mat at $26 and the travel tote at $22.

The pillow, tote and place mat are made of Crypton fabrics and are designed by artist William Wegman, who is known for his photographs of Weimaraner dogs.

The tote includes a packet of biodegradable waste bags; organic pet treats; a Hilton pet tag; and travel-sized bottles of Crypton's disinfectant and deodorizer spray.

Perfect pet feeder comes at a hefty price

A Washington company is offering an automatic pet feeder that can be programmed to feed a pet six times a day for several days.

Pillar Pet Products of Fall City says its stainless-steel Perfect Petfeeder operates on electricity and has a backup in case of power outage. The price is $499.

The Perfect Petfeeder holds up to 10 pounds of food. The amount of food it dispenses for each feeding is programmable, allowing the pet owner to help feed the animal just the right amount to of food to control weight.

The Perfect Petfeeder works with any shape or size dry pet food and can feed cats or small- to medium-size dogs. It has a sensor that alerts the pet owner when the unit needs to be refilled.

Gentler way to scrub-a-dub your pooch

A Florida company is offering a new dog soap that it says will keep pooches clean without drying out their skin.

Chakra Dog of Sarasota says that each bar of the all-natural, glycerin-based soap has massage nodes for gentle washing and has no foaming agents that cause dry and flaky skin. It contains vegetable oils, glycerin and moisturizers to help keep a dog's coat glossy.

"We created Chakra Dog Soap to allow me to wash Luka, my 3-year old Boston Terrier, as often as an active and inquisitive young dog requires, without having to worry about her skin drying out," said Asli Uysal, a founder of Chakra Dog. "We designed the bar with massage nubs in order to provide a really enjoyable washing experience for the dog - taking washing from a chore to a pleasure she really enjoys."

Chakra Dog Soap - available in an assortment of colors - measures 3-by-6.5 inches and is priced at $9.99.

Time from a dog's perspective

A Japanese company has created a digital clock to help pet owners approach time from their dog's perspective.

The Pet Care Clock, made by Sega Toys Japan, shows a pooch's age in both animal and human years. Dogs age around three to seven times per human year, so your pet's data - like date of birth and size - needs to be input into the clock. The clock will sing happy birthday every time your pet gains a year in human time.

The Pet Care Clock also can be used as an ordinary alarm clock.

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