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Canine Corner: The latest pet products


A little help during the puppy stage

A Virginia woman has created a kit to help make life a little easier when raising a puppy.

Jeanne Willson of Midlothian, Virginia, has created a "puppy survival kit," which contains a chew toy, an organic soft squeaky toy, a travel tin with pup treats, chewing deterrent, training spray, training treats, spa dog shampoo and a training booklet. The kits sells for $89.

"I put together these things that I didn’t have when my dogs were puppies," Willson told Media General News Service.

The taste-deterrent spray is good for kitchen woodwork, the reference booklet offers easy-to-understand training techniques and the chewing toys are nearly indestructible, Willson explained.

Willson said she is considering developing other kits for other stages in a dog’s life. A midlife-crisis kit might have items for dogs that may have become bored or fussy with their treats, and a senior kit might have softer treats for dogs with teeth problems.

Bake some cookies for your pooch

Dog owners who like to spoil their pals with baked treats have a new cuisine to offer.
Baltimore-based Joe Corbi's bakery has teamed with Greg Deluca, a dog treat specialist, to create Deluca Dog and Friend cookie dough. The all-natural dough comes in oats and cheddar or classic peanut butter flavors.

The cookie dough is formulated for dogs but has the baking aroma and look of "people cookies," the bakery states on its Web site. The dough contains dog friendly, natural ingredients and has no added sugars or byproducts.

A little less splash when bathing a dog

A new sponge has been designed to make bathing dogs easier.

Uncle Norman's Pet Sponge, produced by SpongeTech, contains shampoo, conditioner and odor neutralizer so the items no longer have to be bought separately, according to the company's Web site. The sponge, which also has 42 massage bumps on its surface to relax a pet, can be used for eight washings.

The soap, conditioner and odor neutralizer are embedded into the sponge with a hydrophilic foam that inhibits the bacterial growth in the sponge, the company states.
SpongeTech says its products come in in environmentally sensitive packaging.

Robot vacuums help with pet cleanup

A Massachusetts company is making two robot vacuums designed to target pet hair and dander.

The disk-shaped vacuums, made by iRobot, are the Roomba 532, which sells for $349, and the Roomba 562, which sells for $399, according to the company's Web site.
Each vacuum has extra brushes, a high-capacity sweeper bin and cleaning tools, the company states. The 562 vacuum has an extra set of brushes. The 532 vacuum can clean three rooms on a single charge while the 562 vacuum can do four rooms. The 562 vacuum has a timed automatic switch-on feature, allowing it to turn on and clean even when when no one is home.

Urns are made especially for pets

A New Hampshire woman has created a line of urns designed for pets.

"It's kind of a morose subject matter that people, including myself, don't want to think too much about," artist Alene Sirott-Cope of Hollis, New Hampshire, told the Boston Globe.

Sirott-Cope started making the clay urns four years ago when a friend asked her to make one for her beloved pet who had just passed away. Since then, Sirott-Cope has made urns for two of her own dogs.

Upon request, Sirott-Cope will mix a pet's ashes into the clay before it is fired.
"The ashes disintegrate into the clay which, for me, is spiritual," said Sirott-Cope, who teaches in the graphic design department at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Sirott-Cope's urns are displayed on her website, along with pet-designed bowls, plates, mirrors, wall plaques, vases, and jars she has since created.

One of Sirott-Cope's creations, a three-legged pet urn, was recently accepted into the Ashes to Art international exhibition of funerary urns, vessels, reliquaries, and personal memorial art.

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