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Doggy in the Window - Ringo Wexelbaum

Doggy in the Window

My Owners' Names: Joan and Michael Wexelbaum of Ridgefield, Connecticut

My Breed: I am German Short-Haired Pointer boy.

My Age: I am 9 years old.

My Colors: I am brown and white. I have some awesome brown markings on my face and throughout my body, especially a solid brown patch on my lower back. I am tall and handsome - a favorite with a girls.

My Weight: I weigh too much.

My Favorite Thing to Do: I like to eat, eat and eat. That is why I weight too much.

My Pet Peeve: My mom and dad are always making me diet. Diets are no fun, because then I cannot eat all that good food that I enjoy so much.

My Favorite Food: Anything and everything that I can get into my mouth. I just love food! Hey, I'm a real big boy and I need - and want - my food.

My Funny or Unusual Habit or Routine: I like to bark, bark and bark. When I am finished barking, I like to bark some more. It's the macho thing to do.

My Best Quality: Even though I like to bark, I am really a gentle, sweet and shy guy. My shyness makes me very endearing to all.

What Makes Me So Special: I am the middle pooch in the family. I have an older brother and a younger sister. Since I am in the middle, I sometimes get lost in the shuffle. But I am an understanding, good boy. I know my mom and dog have a lot to do to keep up with my siblings, and I appreciate it so much when they go out of their way to give me extra attention.

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