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Doggy in the Window: A fun way to profile your dog!

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Ring (Kami)


English Pointer

English Setter
German Shepherd
Wiles (Gretchen)

German Short-hair Pointer


Siberian Huskey

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The breeds and the number of them that so far have been profiled.

Mixed Breed: 4
Beagle: 2
Chihuahua: 1
Coton de Tulear: 1
Dachshund: 1
English Pointer: 1
English Setter: 1
German Shepherd: 1
German Short-Hair Pointer: 1
Gordon Setter: 1
Italian Greyhound: 1
Pomeranian: 1
Siberian Huskey: 1



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Dog's Favorite Thing To Do:
Dog's Pet Peeve:
Dog's Favorite Food:
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Dog's Best Quality:
What Makes Your Dog So Special (75 words or less):



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