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Doggy in the Window - Tabitha Andrews

Doggy in the Window
Love of Dog's introduces

My Owner's Name: Cynthia Andrews of Yorba Linda, California

My Breed: I am a Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab mix girl.

My Age: I am 12 years old.

My Color: I am pretty yellow.

My Weight: I am a slender 60 pounds, but I use to be 85 pounds.

My Favorite Thing To Do: I enjoy sleeping a lot, but I really like it when my mom gives me Happy Hips dog treats. They are so tasty!

My Pet Peeve: I dislike having to deal with our pesky cat.

My Favorite Food: I love Happy Hips, of course. I could eat them all day - and sometimes I do.

My Funny or Unusual Habit or Routine: I have a "silly dog" routine that I do for my mom. I rub my face on the carpet with my butt up sticking up into the air and continue doing it as my mom laughs and says, "Oh, silly girl!" The more my mom laughs and says "Silly girl," the more I do it because I know it makes her happy.

My Best Quality: I can sense when my mom is really down and I will sit with her.

What Makes Me So Special: My mom got me at the pound in Stockton, California, when I was only 12 week old. I was very little, smelled bad and no one wanted me. I was very lonely. I was scheduled to be put to sleep the day my mom came and rescued me. My mom gave me three baths before my granddad got home that day. She was afraid he would not let me stay, because I smelled so bad. Only five weeks after I arrived in my new home, my grandma had a heart attack. We were all frightened. But when my grandma returned home from the hospital after a few weeks, I showed everyone just what a good girl I could be. Even though I was still a playful pup, I knew I had to be calm around my frail grandma. I only played and ran in the backyard and never, ever in the house. My mom was so proud of me! I have been my mom's best friend for 12 years. I am getting a little older now, and I know my mom worries about me. But I will always adore her for taking me home and giving me all these wonderful years.


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