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Doggy in the Window - Buddy Dog Ring

Doggy in the Window
In Memoriam: 1996-2008

Love of Dogs introduces


My Owner's Name: Kim and Bob Ring of Palmer, Massachusetts

My Breed: I am Beagle boy.

My Age: I am 12 years old.

My Color(s): I am tri color - black, brown and white.

My Weight: A lot!

My Favorite Thing To Do: I may be a little portly, but I still love to go for walks!

My Pet Peeve: I don't like getting hugged too tight.

My Favorite Food: Anything my mom and dad will give me. Yum, yum!

My Funny or Unusual Habit or Routine: I like to paw at people to get their attention. I just love attention.

My Best Quality: I'm just a real good boy.

What Makes Me So Special: I had to be left at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals when a family member got sick. My new mom and dad had just lost their blue tick coonhound, Aubrey Jean, and saw me there a few days later. They took me home, and I've been their best pal ever since. I appreciate everything they do for me and love to always be with them. I have visited four states and have been to Cape Cod numerous times.


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