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Doggy in the Window - Puppers Garcia

Doggy in the Window
Love of Dogs introduces

My Owner's Name: Elisha Garcia of Chino, California

My Breed: I am a Chihuahua boy.

My Age: I am 18 months old.

My Colors: I am white with handsome brown spots and patches.

My Weight: I am an itty-bitty 7 pounds.

My Favorite Things To Do: I like to sleep all day and cuddle, too. But I also like to bark at strangers from the back seat of my mommy's car as we are driving along and play with my best friends, Rue and Gary, who are big Golden Retrievers.

My Pet Peeves: I dislike other small dogs, because I want to be the only one who is tiny and special. I also don't like it when Rue and Gary try to wake me up. But the thing I hate the most is when my mommy makes me take a bath. All that doggy shampoo and water - yuk!

My Favorite Food: I want to eat any people food I can get, but I find steak especially tasty. Another one of my favorites is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am a sneaky little guy, and I try to grab them away from anyone in my house who dares try to eat one without sharing with me.

My Funny or Unusual Habit or Routine: I like it when my mommy talks to me in "baby talk." It makes me get cute and cuddly, and I bury my head in my paws and act shy. My mommy likes watching me do this, too, so it makes us both happy!

My Best Quality: I have a cute baby face that can make anyone smile.

What Makes Me So Special: I am always able to make my mommy smile - even if she is having a bad day. I can sense when she is sad and will lick her face, because I want her to be happy. I love to cuddle and take naps with my mommy, and I know she is grateful for all the affection I give her. I go everywhere with her and always obey her. Even when my dog friends are getting into something bad or straying too far away from the house, I stay behind and wait for my mommy to give me permission to go play. I am a good boy because I appreciate her so much!

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