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Doggy in the Window - Libby Buckley

Doggy in the Window Love of Dogs introduces

My Owner's Name: Bob and Carol Buckley of Salem, Massachusetts

My Breed: I am a mixed-breed girl. I am mostly English Cocker, but I am part Bulldog, too.

My Age: I am 11 years old.

My Colors: I am white and have a really neat brindle eye patch and brindle ear that make me the talk of the town. None of the other dogs around have such striking markings. I am a pretty girl, and they are all jealous of me!

My Weight: 75 pounds

My Favorite Thing To Do: I like to tease our cat, whose name is Gus. I have a much nicer name than him.

My Pet Peeve: I really get miffed when the cat teases me back. My dad and mom call it just desserts.

My Favorite Food: I am not above mooching any kind of people food from steak to watermelon.

My Funny or Unusual Habit or Routine: I know I am not suppose to do this, but I like to try to distract the seeing-eye dog who lives down the street when he is walking with his master.

My Best Quality: My fun and mischievous personality.

What Makes Me So Special: I had a tough start in life. When I was just a puppy, a dog officer found me wandering along a busy highway in a town north of Boston. He tracked down my owners and called them. I anxiously waited for them to come and bring me home. But my owners never came, so the nice dog officer drove me to my home, only to find it empty. My owners had moved and abandoned me. I was taken to a regional animal shelter in Salem, about 20 miles away, and I was very lonely and sad. But going to the shelter turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, because that is where my new mom and dad found me. I have had about 10 great years with them! My dad takes me for walks every day. When I was younger, I loved to run and show off for my dad. One day I even snuck up on a rabbit and caught it. I gave it a few prods with my paw, then let it run off so I could chase it again. After all, the chasing, not the catching, is the fun part. I am older now and cannot run quite as fast, but I still like to show off for my dad with a good sprint from time to time. My mom and dad recently brought home a pal for me from the shelter. His name is Gus the cat, and he took take care of a mouse problem we had around the house. Gus and I like to pass the time teasing each other, just like any siblings.

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